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Welcome to the website for the North-East Cheshire Lawn Tennis League. Founded in 1953, the league is located in and around Stockport (south of Manchester), most clubs being situated within an eight mile radius of Bramhall (Stockport). There are forty-one clubs involved, having teams in eighteen divisions; eight ladies' divisions and ten men's divisions.

Matches are played from the middle of April through to the end of July, allowing a further fortnight's grace to cover any postponements for bad weather. Mid-week matches commence at 6:30 p.m. and are played to a completion or to a specified finishing time not later than 10 p.m. Where clubs agree, week-end matches are also played.

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27 Jan 17
2017 Guide to 2-Round matches (Short Format Trial) .
Guidelines for 2-Round Matches (Short Format) 2017 The 2-Round Match Format will continue as last year without any changes other than the start date, which is Monday, 3rd. April 2017. This is entirely voluntary and can only take place if both captains agree otherwise the standard rules apply. It is recommended that before the Fixture Meeting captains consider whether they wish to avail themselves of the later start time (see below) that is possible with this arrangement. 1) If the captains agree the match will comprise 2 rounds only (12sets), the third round will not be played. Once agreed, the finishing time printed in the Handbook will not apply. It will not constitute a result unless both captains sign the matchcard. 2) To play two rounds only, the captains must agree either (i) immediately before a match gets under way or (ii) prior to the date of the match (e.g. at the Fixture Meeting). If the latter then the captains may also agree a later start time, up to half an hour later. e.g. normal start 6.30 pm may be changed to 7 pm. However, Rule 24 - Late Starting Matches will still apply from the adjusted start times. 3) If the weather intervenes before 12 sets are played the match will have to be replayed on another date. 4) Playing just 2 rounds (12 sets) can operate at any part of the current season. 5) All 7 pm. starts must only consist of 12 sets. Clubs which do not have/use floodlights for matches may not use the Short Format Trial before second Monday in May or after 31st. July. 2-Round only matches may start earlier in the season i.e. from Monday, 3rd. April 2017, whereas the regular format matches will start from Monday, 17th. April, 2017. Handbooks are likely to be distributed on or around the 13th. April 2017. For and on behalf of N.E.C.L.T.L. Executive Committee 5 th. January 2017 [close]
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